Upcoming Appointment

Thank you for scheduling your loved dogs grooming appointment at Sugar and Spice Dog Grooming. When you arrive please have a copy of your pets vaccination records. We don’t need to keep a copy, just need verification of vaccination.
After this has been completed we will do a quick consultation about what you would like done with your pets grooming.
We will get going with grooming asap and call you for pick up when they are completed. Services typically take 2-3 hours. Sometimes your dog might be here longer. Keep in mind, things such as potty accidents, phone calls and drop in inquiries slow us down. We do our best to stay on track!

Safety first! If you need help getting your dog into the shop we are happy to accommodate. Just call or text ahead (860)268-7187 -text from your car and we will get your dog safely into the shop. We can also deliver them back out to you as well.

If you have a medicated shampoo or prefer to use your own product we can accommodate.

Any dog with fleas will not be accepted into the salon. We do not offer a flea treatment as the only thing to fully remove fleas is a preventative, not a bath.

Please also be prepared to pick up your dog when completed. We ask within a 30 min window. We have a small space and run out of space holding dogs.

No need to drop off for nail trims they take 10 minutes or less.