Small Breed Light Trimmers

Long Hair Doxie/ Papillion /Long Hair Chihuahua-$50

Small Breed Grooming- Bath, Nails, Ears, Hair Cut.

Maltese, Yorkie, Shih tzu, Bichon, Pomeranian, Mini Schnauzer, Toy/Mini Poodle- $55

Medium Breed Grooming-Bath, Nails, Ears, Hair Cut

Cockers/Cairn/Westie/Scottie/Lhasa/Havanese/Cockapoo/Pekingese- $65

Large Breed Grooming-Bath, Nails, Ears, Hair Cut

Labradoodle/ Goldendoodle/ Poodle/Aussie/Large Spaniels-$80

Long Hair Pooches

Sheltie/ Keeshond/ Chow/American Eskimo/Collie/Burmese Mountain Dog -$100+

*Due to the size of our salon we cannot take Giant Breed dogs.

*We have the right to refuse service.

Dog Grooming

We offer two levels of grooming service:

Nail Trimming: $15

Just Baths: which include a bath, nail trim, and ear cleaning.

Full Grooming: which include a bath, nail trim, ear cleaning and haircut.

Each Dog will have unique grooming needs. Pricing is based upon size of dog, coat, and time spent on grooming. Below we have listed average pricing rates. These rates can vary SLIGHTLY lower or higher based on the factors listed above.

Just Baths

  • Chihuahua/Doxie/Pug/Min Pin $35
  • Lab/Dobie/ Mix Breed -$55
  • Pit/Boxer/Bulldog-$45
  • /Aussie/Golden/Sheltie/Large Spaniels-$65


* Base prices are just that, base prices. The rate of your dogs grooming could change based on the condition of coat, size of your dog and behavior/age resulting in special handling. We typically stay within the online price quote range.

*We reserve the right to refuse business.

*All customers must provide proof of rabies and bordetella vaccination.

*We are by appointment only.