Dog Grooming – East Hampton CT

Just Minutes away.. Since May 2015 we have been welcoming dogs of all sizes to our dog grooming salon located at 14 Main St. in Colchester CT on the Charming Colchester Green. We know that having your dog groomed can be stressful for your dog, that is why we make it our priority to only see one clients dog (s) at a time so there is no overwhelming barking and activity.  It is important that we provide your dog with one on one attention to prevent injuries,  and provide the best haircut. Due to how we schedule it is advised that you call in advance to make your dogs appointment. We are by appointment only and typically book out a week or so in advance. Occasionally we may have an cancellation so if you dog needs to get in today, please still give us a call. We serve residents from Colchester CT, East Hampton CT, Salem CT, Hebron CT and all surrounding towns.  All grooming services come with a complimentary bows and a bandanna of your choice. Please call us with any questions you may have. We hope to meet you and your pup soon!

Thoughts from a Dog Groomer in Colchester CT

I was inspired about 8 years ago to become a dog groomer. I had just got my first poodle and was dropping her off at the groomer for the first time. Having no idea what to expect, I walked in and expected to cheerfully be greeted by a friendly person fawning over my baby. Instead it was quite the opposite experience. To my dismay an elderly man sat at a desk and asked me what I wanted. I explained I was dropping off my dog FIFI for her first appointment, to which he replied in a rather grouchy manner “I know.” I guess he was asking what I wanted done for her haircut… He whisked her into a back room and 8 hours later they told me she was ready to collect. Needless to say she came back completely naked. At first glance I didn’t even recognize her. It was an all around bad experience. It also cost me $65 dollars… I remember thinking how are they in business? As I continued my search for a better groomer I found myself having the same experience. At one point a groomer called me to tell me Fifi had an infection that had opened up. I was shocked! I wouldn’t have noticed an infection prior, now I know it was a grooming injury. After all these terrible experiences I started to groom my own dogs. Over time that skill was developed and was enhanced. I always remembered what I had searched for in a dog groomer, and I applied this criteria to my own business. That’s why when you come to Sugar and Spice Dog Grooming you’re welcomed and your dog is reintroduced to grooming in a comfortable environment. We always take the time to talk with you about your dogs needs and conduct a consultation to understand what style you are trying to achieve. We have a open floor plan allowing you to see we have nothing to hide. When you leave you beloved dog with us you can walk out of our shop feeling confident that your dog is being well cared for and is safe. Our dog grooming salon is located in Colchester CT on the green. We serve residents of Colchester CT, Hebron CT, East Hampton CT, Lebanon CT and all surrounding areas. If you are looking for more information please call our shop! We are open Tuesday-Friday 9-5 and Saturday 9-3. Thank You for taking your time to read about us. We hope to see you soon!

New Dog Groomer in Colchester CT

Sugar and Spice Dog Grooming and Dog Bakery opened our doors May 2015 in Colchester CT. It is our mission to ensure that your dogs are handled in a safe and controlled manner, and are groomed beautifully. We take your dogs comfort into consideration and know that a busy stressful environment is not a good thing. That’s why we schedule our appointments so that we don’t have a full house of dogs waiting. Once we begin your dogs grooming we complete it before starting the next. Our salon and bakery is more of a boutique vibe, with friendly service and top notch attention to your dogs. Thank You for reading our Blog we hope to meet you and your dog soon. Our salon serves residents and their dogs of Colchester CT, East Hampton CT, Hebron CT and all surrounding CT towns.

New Dog Groomer In Colchester CT

Sugar and Spice Dog Grooming and Bakery is Colchester CT’s first dog grooming salon and dog bakery. We are thrilled to have opened our doors May 1st 2015 to residents dogs of Colchester CT, Hebron CT, Lebanon CT and all surrounding towns for dog grooming services. It is our goal to ensure that your dog is groomed beautifully, and that you have an excellent experience in our new store. We always use top shelf products and consult with you before the grooming services begin. We are a smaller more boutique like dog grooming establishment that typically has snow more then 2 dogs in our care at one time. It is our top priority that your dog has a comfortable and least stressful experience possible. Our hours for grooming services are Tuesday-Friday 9-5, and Saturday from 9-3. During these